sobota 19 Wrz 2020
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                           The IN BETWEEN Foundation – for the generations to share knowledge, experience and skills







 "You can learn much more from your children than they will ever learn from you.
Through you they get to know the world that has already passed,
whereas you discover in them the world that is about to be born."

Friedrich Rückert   








integrating communities by sharing knowledge


Every generation and every community has its own unique intellectual, cultural and social potential. When we say community, we mean a group of people sharing specific values and beliefs, using the same symbols, practising the same rites – aware of their identity.   One of the characteristics of a community is its isolation, to a greater or lesser degree, from other communities – which often creates barriers and restricts opportunities for intellectual and cultural exchange. With that in mind we have undertaken activities aimed at building understanding and bringing together people of different ages and representing diverse communities – especially through sharing knowledge, experience and skills, aimed at building knowledge as well as mutual recognition and integration. We feel we need to work on making people aware that diversity enriches every society and harmonious coexistence of groups and communities with diverse values, habits, standards and beliefs is necessary for societies to grow.

We also want to integrate local communities, especially in dynamically growing municipalities where new inhabitants keep coming. That is why we initiate and support activities aimed at integrating local communities and building local identities through meetings which help build communities by helping people get to know one another and share knowledge, experience and skills. more...







promoting voluntary work, supporting activism


NGO and community activists, as well as volunteers work to improve the quality of life for the whole society. That is why it makes sense to provide special support to those whose work is so important to any community.


Our objective as a foundation is to initiate and support activities aimed at sharing knowledge, experience and skills among activists from various backgrounds. We wish to implement innovative solutions in their everyday work and deepen their expertise, knowledge of how to run non-governmental organisations, work with volunteers and reinforce social skills. It is also important for us to enhance motivation, counteract professional burnout, foster sustainable self-management and broadly defined personal development. more...






promoting enterprise, fostering professional growth


We strive to promote entrepreneurship and equal educational and career opportunities – especially for those who are underprivileged: the disabled, single parents, care givers, women returning to work after maternity leave.

With a view to the young people entering the workplace and their future customers, business partners and employers, we propose activities aimed at developing social skills – which are as important at work as the professional qualifications. more...more..

We also aim our activity towards women aspiring to or performing management functions, who feel their careers have hit a glass ceiling, and to those who have realised that they are getting paid less than men with the same qualifications in the same jobs. We help build and update their management expertise and develop their social skills – so that women, empowered with the knowledge, skills and self-confidence in their value, can reach for top positions and receive the same remuneration as men. more...





We promote continuous and comprehensive growth: intellectual, emotional and social; openness to new knowledge and new experiences, cooperation, tolerance, respect for diversity and making the best of your time at any stage in life.

The statutory activities of the IN BETWEEN Foundation include training courses, conferences, meetings and events devoted to sharing and promoting knowledge on economics and management, information and communications technology, new technologies, medicine and health care, environmental protection, law, art, history, philosophy, ethics, education, current scientific developments and their potential applications.



  Translated by Magda & Brendan Duffy